Hello! Welcome to Living In A Greenhouse!

If you find the exclamations unusually enthusiastic, you are right. It is unusual for a climate newsletter.

While there aren’t a lot of reasons to feel upbeat about the state of our planet, a little enthusiasm by way of an extra exclamation for strangers visiting my newsletter should not be frowned upon either.

Before I tell you what my newsletter is about, let me first tell you what it isn’t -

What you shouldn’t expect

  • Convince you that human-influenced climate change is an existential threat

    It already is

  • Point fingers at governments, corporations, investors, etc., for what they have or have not done

    The global climate movement isn’t at a level where accountability is an effective tool

  • Amplify an already grim narrative on an impending climate disaster

    The media does a good job at that and it is insidious

What you can expect

  • Offer commentary on developments in global climate response, both the good and the bad

    Everything about climate change involves trade-offs

  • Lift the lid on the second-order effects of seemingly isolated actions by governments

    Political will isn’t straightforward, but integral to a cogent response

  • Discuss the ‘stock and flow’ of climate financing, innovative mechanisms, and its possible effectiveness in achieving intended outcomes

    Who will fund the transition to a low-carbon economy?

  • The perspective of someone from the Global South

    That’s where I come from, alongside approximately 70% of the global population

Who am I, you ask?

I am Sricharann Seshadri. I wrote in private for large parts of my life until I decided to subject myself to the nervousness that comes with the territory of writing publicly since the start of 2021. I write a personal blog called ThisIsWater. I have also written a couple of contributor pieces for The Ken. Do give them a read here and here.

My day job is to help build responsible businesses that are planet positive. I worked for an investment bank a long time ago and took the scenic route over the last decade which included advising governments and other impact-oriented clients on sustainable development in Asia, Europe, and Africa. You can find me on LinkedIn here.

I have fairly random interests that embarrasses my partner (mildly - she’d want me to say mildly) and I’d rather not have you also know.

I go through the same struggles that people in their 30s experience - trying to have a manageable inbox and failing, trying to get quality sleep and failing, trying to wean out coffee and failing, and trying to find time over weekends that isn’t dedicated to chores and failing. Fairly standard.

Should you be interested in reading what I have to say about a polarising, complex subject like the climate change, please subscribe below so that I will always live in your inbox (because who deletes their emails these days)

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